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Cases Packed

A travel blog built for a five month backpacking adventure through South East Asia and the Far East.

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We’re Adam and Daisy, two brits with a passion for travel, recording our adventure

Read along as we travel to new places, writing from our own experiences, sometimes on the well-trodden path, and sometimes off the beaten track.

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A Tiny Guide To London, United Kingdom
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London Trip Report London, United Kingdom
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Manhattan in the distance
1 day ago
A Tiny Guide To: London Buses now on the blog!
2 days ago
Sunset by the sea, Rhodes, Greece
3 days ago
Here's an AMAZING mural in Brighton 🐶
4 days ago
@casespacked: Constantly dreaming about eating breakfast. Cereal is the best! @CerealKillerUK on Brick Lane... #london #breakfast Oct 01 2016

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